Vehicle Anti Theft Systems


For years we have been told vehicles with transponders are impossible to steal.

After all, a replacement key if you lose yours could run you $1,000 or more at a dealer!

The dealer is the worst place to send your car for this service.

Consider contacting a local locksmith. The prices are much lower, you are getting the same keys and the best thing is the locksmith comes to you and you don’t need to have the car towed to a dealer!

None of these factory installed anti theft systems are even designed to prevent theft! Yet they are they have names like immobilizer, passive anti-theft system, Vehicle Anti-Theft System and names accordingly. Go figure!

On the first generation Ford transponder system, it was marketed as being a system as being “virtually” unstealable. That is how it was known by locksmiths and every Ford dealer mechanic. All that held true until Rob Painter took a case against Ford in Los Angeles (published on web-Emily Greines v Ford). I studied the wiring schematics and designed a theory. I applied my theory using one wire to bypass the system under the hood . I supplied my process to my peers and consensus was that applied bypass worked Everytime.

These systems are antiquated by up to 3 years when the vehicle is sold new.

There is another major problem. If one can steal a Chevy, he can steal all GM vehicles. The same applies to most car makers.

The cost of key programmers has gone down from thousands to hundreds! All available on the web to anyone with the cash!

China makes knock off versions of the $15,000 T-Code and the price is in the hundreds! Granted, it won’t make all the programmed keys the T-Code will, but it does pretty good.

In 2012 I had an AK 400 programmer I purchased from China directly for $350. That machine could program a BMW remote smart key in 60 seconds! That means if I were a thief, I could have the car in 60 seconds!

The first thing the imvestigator would think is the owner had to be involved in the theft claim! This happens far too often across the country and the vehicles aren’t recovered. The investigator will take the keys to  dealer and have the dates and mileage read for that gotcha moment. That’s all fine and good, but you don’t have the car to compare the mileage and dates on. If I progrsmmed my key for it, the factory keys will no longer work. Thete are so many open questions that must be answered, but can’t be without the vehicle. Yet, insured’s claims are denied with the assistance of the BMW dealer.

This is the same company prior to the smart key around 2005 and prior was nice enough to I a plastic transponder key in the glove box inside the owners manual. Few were aware of this, but thieves were! Thanks for that fine thinking BMW!

These emergency keys easily broke and I don’t know how many I recovered that I had to fish what was left of a broken plastic key in the ignition.

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