This fantasy is from law enforcement wanting people to believe how smart cops are at vehicle security. This article gives completely false information.

There are two systems. One for the locking and unlocking of the doors and to set or disarm the alarm.

The second system is a transponder anti theft system involving a computer chip in the ignition key or start button.

I can beat either, but covering your keys in foil will not protect you at all. This is another urban legend probably told as a lie from a thief that the cop bit hook line and sinker on!

As far as vehicle security to prevent someone from getting inside, there is none. Most of these systems have not been updated since the late 90s and the rolling codes that prevented getting into a vehicle back then, no longer stop a thief. He can program his own remote to get into most vehicles today. However, they are not starting them!

The problem in my view is cops are curious. They generally don’t believe anything unless from a criminal. Weird huh?

Don’t waste your time here! It’s stupid and untrue.