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Airbag Recall! Many appear to be disregarding This Extremely Important Takata Recall Campaign With The Potential For Injury Or Death!


It appears as though, far too many consumers are taking a very life-threatening recall campaign for their vehicle too lightly and are not doing what they need to do. I believe they do not understand the potential risk of injury or death caused by defective Takata air bags.

The steps to confirm that your vehicle is subject of the Takata air bag campaign are extremely simple. Contact me through phone at 1-866-490-1673 or 1-903-513-7808, or you can write me at robo14@aol.com. Supply your VIN (Locations are addressed later). On email, subject line is air bag recall. I will get back to you the same day to determine if your vehicle is affected. It’s a free service to the owner and no charge to you will be incurred. In the event your vehicle is affected by this extremely important recall or any other, I will advise you. If so, contact a local dealership to have them address the recall. Since it is a recall, again, there is no charge to the owner.  

Years ago, Takata issued recalls on their air bags on tens of millions of vehicles. The recalls are not meant for one specific make or model. Just about every vehicle has a Takata air bag.

The reason for the recall and the immediate danger to get the vehicle into the shop to get the recall handled. This is serious! In the event the vehicle is involved on a collision and the air bags deploy, what is happening is shrapnel is coming out with the deployment of the airbag! There is extreme concern for injury or death! This is not one of those recalls to be ignored. There is no charge for the owner to correct this problem.

In my case, I have seen the results of these defective air bags. To illustrate as to how serious this recall is with no exaggeration, picture someone aiming a shot gun at your face and upper torso from a couple feet away! The results are the same!

All you need to do to see if your vehicle is recalled or if recalled and problem has already been repaired is call me at 1-903-513-7808 or email me at robo14@aol.com with subject line air bag recall and supply me with your 17 digit VIN.

Where is the VIN if I don’t have any paperwork with the vehicle’s VIN inscribed on sales, insurance card or registration?

The VIN is located behind the windshield on the driver’s side of the dash. You can see it by being on the outside of the car on the driver’s side and peering into the windshield on the top of the dash.

Another location for the VIN is on a mylar label located on the driver’s door or door jamb which varies from vehicle to vehicle.

Once you supply the VIN, I will get back to you rather quickly to inform you if your vehicle is affected. I do not charge the owner of the vehicle for this information and am happy to supply the public with this information to save injuries and possibly death!

This recall campaign is extremely important! You may now feel too scared to drive the vehicle if affected. Tell these concerns to the dealership and they make arrangements for you to get a car to drive until the recall campaign is successfully is no longer an issue. As stated, this is an air bag safety campaign, which means you do not have to pay anyone to address this problem.

There may be additional recall campaigns that need to be satisfied as well and again at no charge they can be taken care of at the same time.

Other than recalls associated with vehicle fires, I feel this is the most important recall addressing potential injury and death that I have been made aware of and I have been doing vehicle component defect examinations for close to 40 years! Please do not ignore this Takata vehicle air bag campaign.

Other than a little time contacting me and supplying the 17- digit VIN to me, this will give you peace of mind knowing what recalls are open on your vehicle and if it is safe to operate. I have never been a fear monger and extremely careful as to what I tell the public on the safety of their vehicles. In fact, on some not as important I underplay the potential affects. This is not the case in the Takata air bag recall campaign. This product has the potential to injure or kill you and your passengers in the event the vehicle is involved a collision!

There is another related recall campaign on GM vehicles in which the air bags will not deploy. This is about the GM ignition switch recall, in which the ignition lock will go from the on position to off, shutting the engine off and supplying no electrical power to initiate the air bags to deploy in a collision.

The combination of these two recalls in one GM vehicle leaves a kunundrum. Damned if the air bags deploy and damned if they don’t deploy!

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