Insurance Companies Facilitate Fraud In Their Fraud Investigations


Fraudulent Forensics That Insurance Companies Use For Their Investigations and Denials In Auto Theft Claims
Rob Painter

Please do not misunderstand the beginning of this article as whining or complaining. It is just real concern as to how the courts have been deliberately abused by insurance companies and their guise of retaining a independent forensic locksmith to accuse the insured of submitting a fraudulent claim. All of this is assumed to be scientific fact because of the implication of the word forensic. There is little to no scientific methodology applied to reach their conclusions. Their work product is commonly vetted in court. Not good!

What bothers as a highly qualified expert witness in auto theft, forensics and vehicle fire O&C?
Travesty of justice. I do not understand. Attorneys always looking for cases, especially those that require very little on their part and they seem uninterested in helping people and making money.

Look, I put 20+ years of reputation and credibility into my very successful career.

Opposing insurance companies is not easy. In many cases they appear to pick the most unprofessional, unethical law firms possible to defend their cases in my opinion. It doesn’t matter that their expert is operating fraudulently, the bottom line is to destroy my reputation by all means necessary by lying about my stellar extensive background to a judge or having an insurance friendly judge lie about me.

This is what I have had to endure over the years! From having 12 months stolen from mine and myex-wifes life being under federal investigation, only to have it closed after a 10 minute deposition with an inept federal DOJ prosecutor!

In Virginia in 2017 being threatened by the opposing prosecutor that I would be arrested for fraud on the witness stand (nothing like witness intimidation!) to having his experts disqualified for refusing to answer the subpoena intended for me. Then while on the stand to put up baseless lies about me addressed as fact from an insurance friendly judge from Las Vegas.

He lost the argument! The judge quashed the disqualification because I was not present at the heating to defend myself. That POS prosecutor came off like a big steaming pile!

However, if I am representing the carrier in a claim or case, I am then treated as a hero in the fight against fraud. Of course unlike the incompetent fraudulent forensic locksmiths I oppose, if I am accusing an insured of fraud, they have no chance to prevail! None! Might as well walk away or take a plea.

Here is my court record-25 years serving insurance companies in tens of thousands of forensic examinations of vehicles only 3 of my reports have been contested in court. Out of those 3, two went in favor of my insurance client. The third, I could prove the insured had not provided a missing transponder key. The jury did not care and felt sorry for the plaintiff because of his two repossessions.

Why is this record important? Absolutely no one in the forensic locksmithing and auto theft field has such a flawless record!

Kind of makes one wonder why these great forensic experts are in court all the time to defend their reports. Could it be they are that incompetent? Could it be that they are all frauds taking advantage of insureds with auto theft claims? The answer is both!

They appear to have no problem defrauding the courts as forensic experts either! Judges, you have all been played! For more than a decade across the US by every auto carrier.

I am completing an article in which I will be naming names. Not as a vicious personal attack because I know none of these forensic locksmiths personally. The purpose is to call out the blatant fraud that insurance companies use to initiate their fraud investigation of the insured. They are not competitors. They would technically be opposing forensic experts that don’t practice forensics and in my view are not experts at anything! They are a rubber stamp for the insurance company to investigate not an auto theft, but a fraudulent claim.

The insured rarely knows it at the time, but the fraudulent forensic locksmith has already inferred insured inbolvement as to having the last key used.

These goofs obviously do not know how to apply the scientific method to their reporting. The only thing forensic in their report is the self-applied forensic title they annointed themselves with.

I am not crazy nor do I have a personal vendetta. I believe in justice and the rule of law. I am not anti-insurance and support investigations not fraudulent clams. With all this said, attorneys both plaintiff and criminal defense think they have all the answers in auto theft claim denial cases and felony insurance fraud auto theft. Sorry to say, you don’t! The case is based on an independent forensic locksmith, engineer, dealer mechanic that has concluded the vehicle was last driven with a key of the proper type inferring the insured’s key. The amazing thing to me is that you attorneys, judges and juries believe this bull crap cloaked under the term forensics. You assume the title is valid because you don’t know a damn thing about it. You assume that the standards are similar to DNA, GSR (gun shot residue) etc just because of the title.

Let’s look at Certified Forensic Locksmith. Originally a credential offered by the international association of investigative locksmith which dissolved about 5 years ago and now is part of associated locksmiths of America. Do you see anything forensic in their titles? Of course not! This is a bunch of guys that put together what if? Situations which in many cases do not even take part in auto theft methodology. They know your ignorant and they can lie on the stand (and sometimes do, knowing you can’t catch them). Forensic locksmithing for the last decade has been a total fraud!
I have addressed this many times on this site but I want to make this very simplistic so everyone understands! On every auto theft claim the SIU, fraud is by default put into the investigation of the insured.
The investigator cannot arbitrarily accuse the insured of fraud. The investigator needs to know if the vehicle was actually stolen or if it was only made to look that way, so the investigator is reliant on a forensic expert to make this determination. Without knowing this information, the claim would have to be paid if an investigation was not performed.
Ignorance plays a role here as well. Investigators are taught today that almost all vehicles are equipped with anti-theft transponder systems making the vehicle unstealable.
With that in mind, the investigator goes to the company vendor list for experts in that area. They hand pick this independent forensic shop and assign the claim to them. Before establishing them as vendors did the carrier vet the work product of the forensic expert on the subject of auto theft and forensic locksmithing. In forensic science there is something known as error rate. How many times was the process applied to be found valid? 100% of the time? 50% of the time? 10% of the time. That is crucial because if the process is wrong 50% or 90% of the time, it’s unreliable and can’t be trusted and is known not as forensics, but junk science! This is only one thing that illustrates what a fraud this process of last ignition key used! There is no established scientific error rate! So all you are relying on is done guy’s opinion with no basis of fact!

In order to get a accepted error rate for a process, everything involved in that process has to be thoroughly described and set for any other forensic examiner to be able to repeat the exact same process and his conclusion should match to the original examiners. If not why not? What needs to be amended?
The next item is a very common and illustrates what a fraud forensic locksmithing is: evidence!!!! Rarely gathered unless easy to find such as in a burned vehicle where the ignition separates once melted and the wafers (tumblers) are spread on the driver’s floor debris field. Commonly the burned wafers are gathered up and sometimes a microscope is employed to look for tool marks. To fool juries, these charlatans would take these burned wafers and blow them up with microphotos and say they could see tool marks. This was an outright lie because when lock components are subjected to fire they get a crust on them, similar to when you are baking cookies. Well, these blown up pictures still had the crust on, so how are you going to see tool marks without x-ray vision? These clowns would be believed because sing the title of forensic and a blow up Go to with nobody knowing what to look for!
It is really difficult to replicate an examination when there is no physical evidence! The forensic expert these days no longer feels the need to gather evidence. Ignition’s are no longer removed, disassembled and examined under a microscope. It’s too much work. Why spend hours when you can get by in minutes? No one knows the difference! They will just believe the word of this forensic expert.
Let me put this even more simpler because some will still not understand.
The investigator wants to know how a reported theft was last driven. He assigns it to the forensic locksmith. The insured sends the keys and key fobs via US mail to the insurance company. They were lost in the mail. Did I mention the vehicle was never recovered? No I didn’t. Yet the forensic examiner authors a three page report with information about the description and operation theory about the anti theft system stolen right out of a factory service manual and placed in the report. This is commonly known as deflection or deception in order to make the reader to believe the vehicle is unstealable. The strangest thing though, he made the determination as to how the vehicle was last driven. It was last driven with a key of the proper type. The same conclusion used in totally burned vehicles and unburned vehicles he actually examined! That must be a very powerful crystal ball he used or he is a member of the physic friends network!
Obviously, the guy is a liar. He had no physical evidence to examine. The car could have been towed. Yet we are supposed to believe these jokers? I have the reports! Some have gone to court! Sometimes not seeing the forest for the trees, attorneys her hung up on the forensics not realizing there is no evidence. I have to bring them to earth.
Now, if that is not fraud, what is? Yet, insurance companies facilitate these frauds for their fraud investigation on the insured! This has been going on through the states for over a decade and insurers may be fairly accused and their auto theft claim is denied!
The insurance investigations on auto thefts are rigged! There are so many ways I can prove this forensic analysis is deliberate bull crap to deceive.
If they are so good in the forensic field, why can’t they specify the exact last key used? Because they are falsely claiming to use forensics when it’s nothing more than a word. Speculation, assumption and projection are masqueraded as fact. Our courts have been defrauded and insured convicted by stupid prosecutors that don’t reach the threshold beyond reasonable doubt, but have only the insurance supplied information of preponderance. These poor defendants are convicted on the testimony of these fraudulent forensic locksmiths.
In fact a low-life (my opinion) supervisor was boasting how my guy got convicted. I did not represent him as his expert. I just examined the vehicle. I found LA fire was lazy and incompetent. They said the fire started in the vehicle with a match. Of course I wanted to see the match which they could not supply. It was an obvious engine fire. The interior was destroyed as the fire progressed through the so called fire wall. This was a BMW with a smart key and a start switch. All plastic. All the wiring colored plastic insulation
for the computer was destroyed and bare. There was no way to test anything. The DA investigator asked the expert how it was last driven in it’s state. The expert stated it was last driven with a key fob of the proper type. The investigator said are you sure? The expert said absolutely!
There were two smart keys for this vehicle. Unless a thief made a third with a $300 key programmer from China. My question would be instead of the nebulous term key fob of the proper type, exactly which key fob was it? He would have had no clue exposing him as the fraud he is!
My questions, how can any fraud investigation be legitimate based on a fraud?

Rob Painter
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