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Rob Painter





have over 30 years of applying the scientific method in my examinations for over 30 years.

My experience is vast from determining the origin and cause of a vehicle fire, to sudden acceleration recalls. Determining collision damage, to auto theft and to how the vehicle was last driven.

My for my for my  ASE certtifiations were in Medium/Hvy Duty truck repair, Auto and collision.

I have been involved in discovering recalls, and drafting scientifically verifiable report conclusions on a variety of problems. It could be a vehicle fire with a known origin and cause which I would have to trace back to the source amongst the burn debris.

It could be a severe head on crash that the airbag did not deploy. It could be an accident collision re-enactment. Determining collision damage between a vehicle and another object.

That is what he as made my life do interesting and applying the scientific method, things commonly go together for an air tight conclusion that can be replicated by another forensic examiner.

I commonly oppose professional engineers and fire investigators. I may or may not agree with their assessment.

With that said, you will see many comments about the Certified Forensic Locksmith. CFLs serve insurance companies nationwide examining reported stolen vehicles and claim to be able to determine how they were last driven.

I can support my conclusions because they are based on fact and the scientific method.






Other certifications were in forensic locksmithing, fire and explosion, vehicle fire Investigation. My experience with insurance claims is vast and goes back over 30 years.

In order to perform a competent forensic examination, evidence is required in order to replicate any examination that was performed previously.

I find this relevant when dealing with engineers and fire investigators. Forensic locksmiths, not so much! In my opinion, the forensic locksmith is a total fraud! The only forensics one will find with a forensic locksmith is the title he puts to his name on the report!

Evidence, a majority of the time there is none, or it has been secretly damaged by the forensic locksmith. There is one firm out there that uses the ruse of certification with the owner of the firm signing off on a report.

Forensic locksmiths are so blatant in their incompetence, projection and speculation serve as fact. Many attorneys are too impotent or incompetent to question then properly. Evidence from crime scenes is not preserved and the inept prosecutor thinks they have a case against be the defendant.

How can an opposing expert recreate the screen when no evidence was retained. The report may explain something was jammed in the key way. There is no explanation when, how and what the object was removed and that a key was inserted into the ignition afterward. Yet, to attempt to do peer review, it can’t be performed because the evidence was never retained as evidence, nor the vehicle and about 6 other pieces of evidence! Yet, the stupid DA has no problem pursuing the defendant for felonies. We are just supposed to take the word from one of these self-proclaimed forensic experts.

Worse yet, at one time or many, a judge took it on their own after a Vior Dire to classify these guys as experts. Did the judge understand the subject matter of a forensic locksmith? Of course not, but that hasn’t stopped them since 1999 and Daubert when the judge was made a gate keeper as to who could give expert testimony.

Some judges don’t flat out like an out of town expert critisiziing a local expert, even though their work product is do egregious that it should be criminal, because nothing performed had anything down as to the scientific method!

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