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Covid 19 Corona Virus Policy

Due to the dangers of spreading the virus, we give our clients a real feeling of safety and security.

A majority of our services to the consumer or insured require little to much no e physical interaction.
We have been serving our insurance clients remotely for a decade, consulting them during an auto theft investigation or an examination under oath.
We guide the client through email or by phone. Our remote services are extremely successful. Many times I am steal and the investigator does not know the client was coached, or at least who by.
There are times that I may have to provide a report on the vehicle to illustrate how inept their forensic expert is accusing the insured of having the last key used on their stolen car.
I can’t say we are nice because we know the fraud the insured is being subjected to.
The investigators are bullies.
We serve as the insured’s 800 pound gorilla in auto theft investigations.
We don’t go to hurt the expert accusing the insured/client of the claim. We rhetorically kill him!
The worst thing is we love the verbal combat the client ends up with a claim that is settled without having to spend tears in the court system with no guaranty the insured will prevail!

The only time there is physical intervention on our part is if we have to testify in court.
That only happens if the insured was denied on their theft claim and is suing the insurance company.

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