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Over the years vehicle security has been an extensive concern. We equip our cars with alarms, anti theft devices gps tracking etc.
However, this has been turned against the consumer and it will get worse!
It seems these sub prime auto dealers don’t trust their clients and not only have the ability to disrupt your privacy as well as putting them at risk of hacking, but if late on a payment can disable the engine from starting remotely.
Other concerns are that there is an aftermarket device wired into your vehicles computer system. You have no idea if this incompetent installation was performed professionally or if the system has the ability to start your car on fire!
I investigated after market products that had issues being made in China that did just that, setting the car on fire!
Did you know that such products will void a manufacturer’s warranty?
You are dealing with a product in which you have no idea about it’s realiability!

I question the legality of such products being installed. There are active cases involving the installation of these devices right now!
With the issues going on with the economy, more and more dealers including new car dealers are going to resort to such options! Next, the I’ll be video taping the occupants in the vehicle and whatever is going on when the car is being driven! Insurance companies would love this information to fight their fraud claims!

Personally, I say to Hell with big brother! At the time of purchase, people will sign away their privacy because their credit may not be good enough to purchase a car from an honest dealer at a reasonable price.
40 years of alarm installation, GPS experience as well as the ability to bypass factory security that few have been able to do.
We offer you the ability to DIY to disconnect these unwanted features.
For a fee, we can supply a very easy way to bypass these systems with 0 problems.
This instructional information is supplied for education purposes. We can not be held responsible for what the reader does with this information.
If you apply it to your vehicle, that is not on us, however the information you will find is very valid and has a 100% success rate!

You may want to disable the engine disable and leave the GPS intact. You have the option!
Never worked on vehicle electronics before? Not a problem. You will learn to be a pro!

Simple tools needed will be addressed! Don’t worry, if you apply as per instructed, you could hook it back up again, probably more professional than the hack called a mechanic at these car lots!

For a detailed instructional publication on how to disable the aftermarket GPS and engine disable contact me at robo14@aol.com.

For the beginner who has never done anything like this, it shouldn’t take more than an hour.
For someone familiar with vehicle electronics, it should only take from 15-20 minutes!
Personally, I don’t think a stranger should he allowed to know my movements and I sure as hell would not be getting gouged financially on a car that may not start for me!

Recently in San Antonio an employee was let go. Well, as he went, he took customer accounts with him giving him the ability to shut down 1,100 of the vehicles the dealer had sold!
There were 1,100 very pissed off people that had made payments that could not drive their cars,ball because of a disgruntled employee!

We offer you the ability to take your privacy back and know that your engine will start when you need it!