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Auto Theft Claim Denial Cases, SIU Investigation

Auto theft claim denial from an SIU investigation is a common event. It’s what you do during and after the investigation that counts!




My name is Rob Painter. I have served as an an expert witness for 25 years in auto Theft and forensics. I have proven that the insurance companies facilitate fraud to set their own narrative to investigate and ultimately deny the claim. My contact numbers are -866-490-173 or 1-905-513-708. My email is robo14@aol.com. web:www.autotheftclaimsmaster.com

In an auto theft claim the insured is already the victim of a scam! The investigator needs a reason to investigate the claim. They call in their own hand-picked experts. These are third party independent forensic locksmiths. Their purpose is to determine how the reported stolen vehicle was last driven. You may say “My car was not recovered or it is totally burned. How can they determine that?” It’s amazing. It is almost like they use a crystal ball to ,make these determinations! Well, yeah, but you and your attorney are stupid. Sit down, shut up and let us investigate!

The forensic locksmith a majority of the time about 99% of the time determine the vehicle was last driven with a key of the proper type a/k/a the insured’s key! Well, you aren’t going to take that and hire an attorney to represent you. (bad move) because attorneys actually give the forensic locksmith a platform as a legitimate forensic discipline. That is mistake #1. Attorneys have no concept as to what the forensic locksmith does. In fact, they feel this is due diligence on the part of the insurance company to hire experts in auto theft for the investigation. In reality what you are dealing with is a fraud! Originally, insurance investigators used this to scare an insured into confessing. But then it went much farther nd some of these claims were prosecuted using these experts testimony!

It is extremely easy for me to illu8strate them as frauds no being able to factually support their conclusions. Going farther we make

I cite an url that relates to what is at issue. The url deals with junk science. The insurance claims investigator needs to know if the vehicle was really stolen or if the insured ha submitted a fraudulent theft claim. The third party vendor employed for this task is what is known as a forensic locksmith. locksmith.

The title makes the conclusion believable.


This is what stands in the way of insured’s being paid for their theft claims, and makes the difference between a clean record or conviction on auto theft claims/cases. This story listed has nothing to do with auto theft, but the junk science of forensics. The same junk science applied by insurance carrier vendors when determining the last key used in a reported stolen vehicle.

You will see other references to what I am going to say in other pages in this site. For 20 years all auto carriers using Forensics to determine the last key used in a reported theft have procured Certified Forensic Locksmiths, engineers and mechanics.

A majority of the time when doing this are facilitating fraud to accuse the insured of fraud for the purpose of denying the claim, or worse yet prosecution of felony insurance fraud of which you will be convicted without my involvement!

I have been defending these claims and cases for 25 years and the most common problem I see with attorneys defending these cases/claims is they put far too much credence in the apparent Forensics applied by these experts.

What appears to be scientific if a microscope is used (rarely) is merely a dog and pony show for the uninformed. Common sense is thrown out the window so everyone in the courtroom believes the expert because of the use of the bogus Certified Forensic Locksmiths title! It sounds very impressive. One of the real problems is that commonly (almost every time) what appears to be fact about the vehicle in the report is merely projection and speculation appearing to be fact. Defendants without my involvement get convicted on this crap!

Why? Because it’s not just my opinion these guys are fabricating a story, but it is documented provable fact in almost every auto Theft investigation from these charlatans I oppose!

I have many of these experts previous cookie cutter reports in which they can be applied to the case at hand, commonly leaving the question for the expert; which time were you telling the truth?

You may say “This sounds to complicated, stolen vehicles and forensics.” Do not fear!

I have made these issues my mission in life, to have more knowledge than anyone on every aspect of these cases. I still do not know everything, but am constantly trying for that goal. I know in many cases what the opposing expert does not know from past performances. Unfortunately, they get free training from me when I call them out on their non-sense in these cases. The problem is they never seem to learn, or their past mistakes are brought to life.

Auto Theft Claim Denial Cases Are Very Common! The only problem from my experience nationwide over the years has been taking on a new client u who will say “This is the first case of this nature I have ever had.”

Of course these cases need you to perform your lawyerly skills, but they are different.

What makes them different? Unlike many cases out there they are built on a house of cards with a sand foundation in a wind storm!

The mechanics of these cases: These cases are built on the third party forensics the carrier contracted to examine the ignition, the keys and anti-theft system of a reported stolen vehicle. The purpose is for forensics to determine how the reported stolen vehicle was last driven before the theft. Commonly, it is asserted that the insured’s keys were used last implicating the insured with the theft. There by making it a fraudulent claim.

The carrier has great confidence in their forensic experts in this area, because uncontested, the insured or defendant loses.

After all, the courts are in awe of a Certified Forensic Locksmith or engineer title, which causes their credibility to soar! The main reason: Ignorance of everyone in the court on auto theft methodology and how forensics is supposed to interact! There is no comparison, so the expert’s methodology can’t be questioned as well as he conclusions.

Let’s throw a monkey wrench into this finely tuned process the carrier uses to control its costs by not paying the claim, or convicting the insured as well if the claim goes criminal.

I guide the client through every aspect of the claims investigation. These investigations for a manufactured motive can’t go forward without the forensic expert inferring the insured had the last key used. Without the report and conclusions, the investigation has no way to go forward.

Depending on the strategy of the attorney, we can take the expert out in deposition, or damage his credibility to the attorney’s specifications.

Personal attacks are not applied, however any previous reports by the expert can be compared to the case at hand for standardized examination methodology. Many of these experts nationwide, I have past depo and trial transcripts and reports.

Forensic locksmithing the way it has been applied over the last decade has not progressed, but digressed. These guys have gotten lazy. The only forensics applied is in the title they so willing us to impress the courts!

There is no one that has the training, background experience I do in auto theft and forensics!

Just a little about me:

I had a business that repaired theft recovered vehicles for 20 years. This means that while these experts were locksmithing, I was putting major puzzles together in the case of a full strip! Not only did I make keys and service locks, but serviced factory and after market security systems. In fact, I defeated the impossible to bypass transponder systems. Los Angeles “Greines v Ford.” In another LA case serving as an expert witness, I decimated the opposing expert in “McCoy v Progressive.”

In Fresno it was “Sidhu v Farmers.” Over 25 years serving as a consultant/expert witness, there are a large amount of cases our side prevailed on, not including all the cases we forced settlement without court intervention. I have about 20 published cases through Westlaw and other legal resources.

I authored the first 1,350 power point slide training course on auto theft and forensic examinations in 2001. The testing methodology was vetted by the FBI tool mark and firearms supervisor as well as the US Army Crime Lab in Georgia.

My first book I authored was in 1998 “Auto Theft-Let The Truth Be Known!” Even though it has been out of print for some time, sill listed on Amazon.

In essence, there is not a vehicle out there that I have not been able to illustrate to a jury as to how to steal without the insured’s keys! Better yet, in many cases forensics can not be ruled in or ruled out!

It gets worse for the opposition–Who have I recently worked for? A repossession company, where from the time the tow truck wheel lift touches a vehicle’s wheels, it can be as little as 30 seconds before the vehicle is mine!

Here is the part that can be approached in many ways:

Is your client looking for a quick settlement? That is entirely possible! I review the file and the forensic report on the vehicle and generate a report that you as the attorney can submit to the carrier and ask them if they really want to proceed forward? We never bluff!

Or, the case goes to deposition for the insurance personnel involved including their forensic expert. I supply the questions for the client attorney, and we eviscerate them!

Last but not least, I can be retained as a consultant/expert witness and make a fool out of the forensic expert illustrating to a jury, not only can the vehicle be stolen without the insured’s keys, but all the so-called forensics applied to the case was a scam. These ae not my opinions, but fact!

Low Cost Benefit: If I am serving as a consultant assisting the attorney, travel may not even be necessary! This is truly possible in cases for quick settlement without having to go through the court system.

I have had prosecutors very confident in their dealer expert call me and talk to me for a half hour and dismiss the case!

These auto theft insurance claim denials are based on the forensic expert they have. Take out the expert and there goes the case!

If you do not currently have an auto theft claim denial case, you may want to be proactive and attempt acquiring one or two. You may find these cases to be simple, but fun to do in which you as the plaintiff attorney control the outcome of the case with your consultant! Let your consultant do the work for you.

I am an expert on every level required on auto theft claim denial cases. I am also an expert on the experts. I know what they can and cannot prove. For years, their conclusions inferring the insured was involved have not been a fact, but a pure deception in my opinion by the use of semantics. These experts are not lying. They are just telling half truths. It works because no one in the court knows better, yet I have proved it time and time again for the past 25 years!

I also do failure analysis and crash analysis. Vehicle recalls like the GM ignition recall.

I had a fatality Chevrolet crash in which the air bags did not deploy. They did not deploy because of the GM ignition switch recall. Was the vehicle listed in the recall? No! I had to cross references the ignition lock and key design to find that it was in fact involved in the recall. I supplied a very extensive report including weather conditions, as well as using a like kind vehicle to test my theories. Everything matched what the on site crash investigator surmised over a year prior.

Insurance defense attorneys and prosecutors may feel left out here. Please don’t. I can assist you by reviewing your claim/case in order to head off any future liability issues by your forensic lock expert.

I work for anyone looking for the truth!

Rob Painter


Cell: 1-903-513-7808


Copyright 2019. Rob Painter.

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