Insureds during the covid19 era are going to be disasterous for Insureds.

States were closed since the middle of March shutting down the US economy with as many as 30 million people not working.

The first thing that has to be realized is that all investigators are skeptical in normal times. Covid has drained the finances out of many. The little but if savings they had may be gone already and that $1,200 the government gave us, in many cases was used to pay a missed car payment, house payment or whatever.

This can be the hardest times that people have ever gone through, I know it has been difficult for me with much of my work still in closed stares in which client attorneys have put cases on hold because the courts are not open.

There are some that will panic and maybe report the car stolen, or all of a sudden their house has a major peril such as a fire. Some panic and want to liquidate figuring the insurance company will pay the claim with no questions asked. That was 20 years ago! It doesn’t work like that anymore! Things may seem hopeless but you do not want to misrepresent a claim. You can possibly go to jail! Investigators are very thorough these days. Many are ex-cops. Don’t think you can outsmart them. You can’t. They know more about you, your relatives and friends than you can imagine. They have more power than the cops, because they don’t need a warrant. You signed over permission for them to obtain any information they need and you agreed to cooperate with the time nvestigation!

All I am saying is if you think that because you haven’t had a claim for years and you want to get some quick cash from a bogus insurance claim, for your own good, think of something else!

We have now experienced another different experience because of Covid 19. To protect the criminals from getting this disease, we have the bleeding heart liberals that are very concerned for their safety one such an diot is the Los Angeles County sheriff that released over 4,000 criminals on the streets, but closed the gun stores so you could not protect yourself. That has happened across the country. All crime is up! Auto theft, auto burglaries, home invasions, rape and everything else!

We have severe weather destroying homes in the south. It has been a crazy year! To top it off 30 million unemployed, ranchers having to euthanize their gerds because it costs to much to feed the cattle there is no demand for or they can’t get processed in the meat plant because they are shut down because employees have been subjected to Covid 19. It’s like a bad movie in which we don’t know the ending!

Investigators are going to be skeptical on auto theft claims more than ever! The narrative to them iisvehicles are impossible to steal and a thief would not burn through vehicle. Interesting they know all this up front without catching the thief! The goal is to accuse the insured. The insurance company won’t accuse you in the begining, but their all knowing forensic expert will say the last key used had to be the insureds key.

Many think all they gave to do us tell the truth, they gave nothing to hide oh yes they do! There us more than one way to tell the truth and you are already at a disadvabtafe. They have a guy using a forensic title that has no problem lying about you!

If you have a SIU investigation, call me. I will let you know if I can guide you through the mine field in which every word you say will be contorted, twisted in their favor. If you have an EUO (Examination Under Oath) scheduled (Sworn testimony) do nothing without contacting me!

My consultations are exytremelt successful and they are remote keeping us safe. Lawyers cannot help you with investigations or EUOs on auto theft claims.

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Befote covid, insurance carriers would try to deny claims on their bogus Forensics in auto theft claims and I have made them decide otherwise.

I consult on all types of property claims, boats, home owners, renters, auto theft and collision claims. I am an expert in Sworn testimony. I have been doing it for 25 years opposing insurance companies. It has been a very Rocky road and they have tried everything to put me out of business and I am still here;!

If you have an auto theft claim that has been denied and you are pursuing by suing the carrier, I oppose successfully their so called forensic experts across the country!