My name is Rob Painter and I have served the claims area representing insureds as well for 35 years. My phone numbers are 1-866-490-1673 or 1-903-513-7808. I can be reached with email of I do not knowingly represent insureds submitting fraud claims. I do however represent insureds under investigation in an effort to get their claim paid that was schedled for denial because the investigator believes the insured has misrepresented the claim.

About me:

There is no one better for the insured for any type of claim investigaton. I have been successful in home owners, commercial and marine (boat claims). My specialty is auto theft because I know all the players. That would be their forensic experts that accuse thé insured of haviñg the last key used in the ignition. Of course their vendors of Forensic Locksmithing are extremely deceptive and they performed no forensics to reach their conclusion.

How good am I compared to an attorney representing you for an examinatio uñder oath? Sometimes a report is required of the vehicle. The expert’s forensic report is not available. The vehicle may not be available for inspection. An attorney could go nowhere. What could I do in that situation and these vehicles are commonly recovered with extensive fire damage? I could open a can of Texas whoopass! I would draft a report in the blind. No vehicle to !?. No evidence to examine. No report from the insurance forensic locksmith! When a report is required, my clients claim is always settled. As stated, it’s only certain claims a report is required. How can I do this? Predictability. I know exactly how the expert prepared his report. Interestingly, I am always correct! When my report is compared to their experts report the claim is paid immediately! Not bad for not examining the vehicle, the evidence or the experts forensic report!

This commonly happens because of information received by a beer known as a Certified Forensic Locksmith. The investigators only as good as the information supplied to them! If the certified forensic locksmith did not apply forensics to reach their conclusion (extremely common) but infer that. The vehicle was last driven with the insured’s key, at this point, who is the investigator going to to believe? The insured, or the vendor they use on a daily basis?

If that Certified forensic locksmith says the file was deliberately set (even though he did not do accelerant testing) who is the investigator going to believe? The insured or the tried and true vendor? It’s not going to be the insured! This information is supplied at the very beginning of the investigation, so immediately, convinced the insured is lying, the investigator is building a case against the insured instead of being impartial! Now the insured ranks with all the fraudsters and just telling the truth does not exonerate the insured.

This subject of how to burn a car has been searched frequently especially in these dire economic times. People have lost their jobs and are finding themselves in a position in which they have found themselves behind through no fault of their own. The insured was living a good life working hard and Paying the bills only they have the rug ripped out from under him because of covid-19 the Chinese disease.

The insured no longer has a job and the bills are due. He is desperate with nowhere to turn. Savings gone and no longer has any income. Without that exorbitant car payment things would be so much better. A plan is devised to get rid of the car. The insured plans as to how to get rid of the car. Of course since he’s not a career criminal many things are not considered. This is the act of desperation but the insured feels they have no choice.

The plan is to report the car stolen and then burn it so the car can’t be fixed. The first thing not considered is that in many jurisdictions across the United States filing a false police report is a felony. Of course this is not considered because a man is desperate. He Parks the car a location where can be burned and not peek a lot of interest. He may or may not tamper with the ignition to make it appear as if it were stolen without the keys. He may have brought his own gallon of gasoline or decided to purchase it down the street. Now comes the time to the burn the vehicle. No I’m not going to go into fire characteristics and the correct way to burn a vehicle. That would be unethical on my part but I will give some examples as to some of the things that have been done that didn’t work so well. I have seen people that douse the whole outside of the car and then try to figure why the inside the vehicle didn’t burn. I have come across many vehicles that were filled with short inside very little burned and the gas can laying on the seat. It is assumed by the novice that fire destroys everything. It does not it just transforms everything. A good forensic examiner can determine many things. Experience is crucial when doing a forensic examination to determine how one of these vehicles was last driven. Dash-mounted ignitions we’re very easy to find if the examiner knew where to look. The plastic dash when melting encapsulated and protected the ignition lock from being destroyed in the fire. Steering column ignition locks we’re subjected the fire usually came apart and fell on the driver’s floor. Now we have keyless ignitions which can be challenging determine all the vehicle was last driven but in some cases it can happen.

For the frugal that try to keep their insurance rates low Daikin install a device that the insurance company gave them into the OBD2 port of the vehicle to determine how the vehicle is driven. Many insurers really haven’t thought this out very well. It’s an insurance device that tracks your movements with the vehicle. Information like if you have your seatbelt on if you are exceeding the speed limit in certain area all sorts of things including location the vehicle from where was reported stolen to possibly where it would be recovered. In other words for the insured to save money big brother is watching! Ensure it is giving up their privacy do the insurance company in order to save some money. The truth of the matter is you would be amazed as for what the insurance company knows about that about an insured. Combined with a database that is only available to insurance companies they know everything about the insured. A workman’s comp claim filed 1992 there is a record. Relatives they know where they all are as well as associates. A desperate insured doesn’t know about this I’m think they can beat the system and outsmart the insurance investigators. Another consideration not taken into play is what is known as gap insurance. If the vehicle does not have gap insurance the insured will find there is a huge difference between what the insurance company will pay and what they owe. Gap insurance covers the gap between what is owed and the value of the vehicle. Have a gap insurance is a red flag because the insured could you just walk away from the car with no financial liability.

once the vehicle set on fire the insured report your car is stolen. It’s stated the insured has all sets of the vehicles recovered in less than 24 hours burned of course. The police impound a vehicle an insurance claim is set up. A recorded statement is required and which the insured explains the events surrounding the theft. They are ass a litany of questions which are required to be answered. The insured is manufactured a story about when he parked his car and what he was doing and worry was at the time of the theft. The claim is now sent to what is known as the SIU (special investigations unit). There is a host of reasons that this Graham went to the special investigations unit. First, the vehicle is deemed unstealable because of the factory-installed anti-theft device. Secondly, the vehicles recovered burn within 24 hours close in proximity to where it been reported stolen. There may have been questions as to the answers 5ge insured had given in a recorded statement. Boswellia background check has been run of the insured and it was found there was a felony and their background 20 years ago. All of these things add up to requiring an intense investigation. Not only that but a forensic examination had been performed of the vehicle it was determined that although there appear to be tampering to the ignition the process was unsuccessful. A cause and origin of the fire had been determined to be a deliberately set fire with an accelerant such as gasoline.