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Auto Theft Claims Investigation Expert

I am qualified to handle any claims investigation including the extremely intimidating Recorded Statement or Examination Under Oath (EUO). My specialty is auto theft claims because I know all the players.

My experience in examination under oath on all property claims is second to none! Commonly, people fire their lawyers and hire me! Why? Because I have 25 years SIU experience, deposition and trial testimony experience. An insured is not capable of going through an examination under oath, or even a recorded statement during an investigation on their own without getting their claim denied. The game is rigged and I even the playing field by preparing the insured from the unknown and grooming them on what today and how to say it! 90% success rate getting a claim scheduled for denial and paid!


1) I have an EUO I must attend. Do I need an Attorney?

A) Absolutely not! An attorney cannot protect you like I can, With me, you can call any time!

2) They said Forensics determined my key was the last key used in my stolen car. How can you help?

A) Chances are forensics was not performed on ignition. I am extremely good at addressing this.

3) Insurance company demanding cell phone records, pay check records and bank records. I don’t have to supply them because of privacy do I?

A) You must supply anything requested because you agreed to assist un any investigation on your policy.

4) Why is my claim being investigated? I have not falsified any information.

A) There is an infinite list of fraud indicators (red flags) sometimes even imagined at the moment. For the initiation of an investigation, the investigator is reliant on a third party vendor to determine how the reported stolen vehicle was last driven. This conclusion eliminates the vehicle being stolen by breaching the factory installed security and ignition and being key driven last.

5) Is my insurance company accusing me of a crime?

A) No! Your insurance investigator hired a third party vendor from their vendor list of experts. Some of these experts are far better trained and experienced than many on the national list. The problem is these vendors are not vetted for their work product. Many do not retain evidence from the vehicle, which then makes it impossible to replicate their methodology for accuracy. Assumption and speculation is commonly supplied as fact. This creates a real problem to the investigation. Basically a house of cards built around the expert’s conclusion. Some of these experts don’t even know how to duplicate keys and key fobs!

Others think like locksmiths and not thieves when assessing the vehicle as to how it was last driven. Then they get up in arms when their report is contested in court.

6) I have been told by the investigator that they are waiting on forensics. Am I allowed to have my own expert present when the examination of my vehicle takes place?

A) Absolutely at the insured’s own expense! It is kind of strange, any point in the investigation the investigator will tell the insured that they can retain an attorney, but they never seem to bring up the fact the insured should have their own expert present when an ignition/vehicle security evaluation is being performed. The insurance contracted certified forensic locksmith has a vested interest in the outcome of the claim! This is the only field I am aware of where both sides do not have experts present during destructive testing, Destructive testing can be as simple as inserting a key into the ignition lock! If not done correctly, witness marks can be made to the tumblers which were not present post theft!

7) During the investigation it appears to be hostile to the insured. Should the insured retain an attorney?

A) The insured should feel comfortable in their defense, but there are things they must know first before retaining an attorney for an investigation and subsequent examination under oath (Sworn testimony).

The differences between using me and an attorney are a stark contrast. Many have fired their attorneys and hired me. The investigation has nothing to do with the law. You don’t hire a plumber to rewire your house. Many attorneys are not familiar with the SIU investigation process. I have over 25 years of direct experience working with SIU investigators nationwide.

Even if an attorney preps you for an examination under oath all they can do is give you legal suggestions to assumed questions that may never come up. At the EUO you might have a false sense of security with your attorney sitting next to you. Your attorney is impotent though. You are asked a question. The attorney objects. You now think you don’t have to answer that question. Surprise! You are now told you have to answer the question any way! I have my client take a break and call me. Whenever I have a scheduled examination under oath, my phone line is dedicated to my client. If it is after hours or a holiday and you have a concern, you can call me. I am there for my client! How many attorneys offer this service? If needed, I can draft a report on the vehicle. The attorney can’t!

8) How long does an investigation take?


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