I have likened an examination under oath to a meeting be fied in which I prevent my client from getting blown up. A better analogy would be say you imagined yourself with heroes like Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp and his brothers at the OK corral for a gun fight, but you had one problem you didn’t have any guns for the gun fight!

That would be an awful feeling wouldn’t it? This is what you face going against well seasoned investigators and sometime an attorney retained just to make you really in fear as if this were some sort of legal proceeding. It’s not, and it is only designed to appear that way, so you may hire an incompetent attorney that knows nothing about insurance investigations to defend you in something they can’t defend you on!

Please don’t mention sunderstand. There is a time and a place for attorneys, but an examination under oath is not one of those times. In fact, I haven’t many situation where the attorney created more problems for the insured than helped them. Attorneys know law I have over 25 years in breakfast ng with insurance investigations, subrogation a and other areas of all types of claims. Auto thefts are my specialty, but when it comes to examination under oath, all types of claims, marine, commercial, homeowners, the template is the same.

Examiation under oaths are filled with so much uncertainty for the insured. Unlike many attorneys, I inform my client of the ge be real lay out, the players involved. I inform them as to the materials they are required to bring and what not to bring. I prepare them ahead of time providing mock questions (some clients have come back to me and asked how did I know they would be asked those questions). The night before the examination under oath after we have gone through preparations, we will prepare for the next day.

My phone is deducted to the time of the examination under oath. If you don’t know how to answer a question, you can take a break anytime and call me and we can address it with the best answer.

When an insured is my client they can reach me 24 hours a day, seven days a week, holidays included. What lawyer does that? My ultimate goal is to get the clients claim paid. Unlike an attorney that would rather want the claim denied do they can battle it for years in court will offer no guarantee of prevailing.

Generally, the average person does not understand the court system. Many think that if the jury sees the truth, they will win. Hold on! There are variable you arent considering. Many jurors are not there because they want to be. They just couldn’t figure out how to get out of jury duty. Some jurors are very attentive with note pads. Some may be sleeping through testimony! If not sequestered, you might have one with a hangover.

Federal cases can draw juries from up to 100 miles from home. It’s a Friday afternoon. If you favor the defense in a civil trial there may be only a couple questions to a bb sweet on firms. However if you favor the plaintiff, you get many more forms with questions you need to answer. This also means the jury has to be back on The next week. Since most things go with the least resistance, do you want to make that long drive home and have to ma is ebthst let ng drive back on Monday? Probably not, so it’s just was in we to side for the insurance carrier.

Ok, what if I don’t have a jury trial and just go with a bench trial? Judges are human too! Maybe they are missing green time on the golf course? Maybe something in their life put them in a foul mood. With a judge, you are dealing with one compared to multiple people. Court is a crap shoot and best left as the last option available.

well, don’t I make money in court as an expert witness? I make a tremendous amount of money for my training, background, experience, for me we certifications and licensing. I would rather nip these cases in the bud for avfraction of what I would charge in court. It’s the right guy thing to do.

When your claim goes to the SIU especially an auto theft claim, insurance companies facilitate fraud with the use of a third party vendor known as a forensic locksmith accusing the insured of haviñg the last key used. The investigator just builds a notice for denial from that. These guys are charlatans and don’t use forensics, but it sounds like an impressive facade a jury will believe unless I am there to shut them down! I know these goofs nationwide so good, I can write a report in the blind never seeing the vehicle and come up with a number of ways the vehicle could be stolen that they can’t refute! I don’t always supply reports for examination under oath, but I have and the carrier paid the claim they were going to deny. I am extremely good at what I do with a 90-95% success rate consistently.

I like be happy clients and they love me! I have been referred by many. I have had multiple claims by the same insured. One client even gave me a thousand dollar tip!

if you are scheduled for an examination under oath, give me a call. It’s free and no obligation. We can access your situation and see how deep we have to go to give you a bottom line on your fees. I don’t like surprises and I am sure you don’t either. A wired price is etched in stone as long as you are completely honest with me.


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