Why Am I Being Investigated?


The insured may think I am an honest person, why are they investigating me? There are also many that aren’t honest and will do everything possible to go for the deep pockets! After exclusively repairing theft recovered and vandalized vehicles for more than 20 years I have seen every edge of this spectrum.

There may be the attitude that the insured has been paying premiums for years with no claims and it’s now time to upgrade the vehicle at the insurance company’s expense. Many did not feel they should be required to pay their deductible and claim additional damage to cover it. The attitude of entitlement was very common. Different from other claims the owners were pissed off because of violation to their personal space. Their car had been stolen or damaged and someone must pay!

My ex-wife Kathie took the brunt of this serving as a counselor and an emotional health specialist with these customers. We had a common acronym that fit quite well. NLTB (Never Like That Before). The vehicle was always perfect before the theft. The rust hole was not as bad. The worn out and torn seats were not that bad before the theft. The engine never leaked oil like that before even though a plastic funnel was located under the hood. The bald tires on the vehicle had replaced much better tires. Actually that was proven to be true in some cases because the thieves took the good wheels and tires and replaced them with what we called “rollers” just so the vehicle could be moved. it was also very common to see (4) space saver donut tires replacing the originals so the vehicle could roll.

When we would ask for receipts for the stereos system components we would find they were not receipts at all but estimates as to what supposedly installed in the vehicle. It did not matter what walk of life they came from. They could be a priest, a firefighter or a cop. They were not always honest! Rarely, there were those who were extremely honest that would say to obvious consistent theft damage, oh no, that was like that before the theft.

We repaired theft damage from one extreme to another. Possibly just a steering column that needed rebuilt to complete thefts leaving only a body shell and chassis, We felt it was a work of art to bring the vehicle into pre-theft condition. Many times the customer would say it was better than before the theft!


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