1-866-490-1673 Rob

I guide insureds through SIU investigations and EUOs. nothing to hide and they will 25 years of experience providing sworn testimony in very adverse situations. Commonly opposing the carrier which is not a happy place to be!

If the claim goes to SIU chances of being denied are extremely high. The insured has set off red flags that merit an investigation.

Many insureds feel they have nothing to hide and they will just tell the truth. The truth will not set you free in an investigation or EUO (sworn testimony). It is how you tell the truth that makes the difference! You do not want to do either or on your own!

Some may hire an attorney, but the truth is many attorneys don’t know the questions, much less how to answer them. Even at an EUO they cant help you. They can object to a question, but you still have to answer it! Many people have fired attorneys and hired me. after an investigation or EUO the client would come back and say: How did you know they were going to ask me that? Over the years, I have written some questions for insurance investigators.

Investigations and EUOs are intimidating. You may answer a question totally honestly and have it com back and bite you. We prevent this. We can see into the future if you will.

We perform our consulting through the phone and through the internet in various ways. You are made aware in advance as to what to expect with no surprises! Very disciplined and focused on the clients needs.

Our goal is to get the claim scheduled for denial to be paid and we have a 90% success rate. Sometimes I even surprise myself!

We have references.. We can handle about any type of claim. but or speialty is auto theft.

Unlike attorneys, its not in our best interest for the claim to get denied and fight it out for years in court with no guaranty of prevailing. We like to nip it in the bud and get the claim paid so you can go on with your life!

For more information contact Rob at 1-866-490-1673 or 1-903-513-7808. Email: robo14@aol.com

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