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Ignition forensics sounds like a fancy term to determine as to how a reporter stolen car was last driven. In most cases, the conclusion is an outright lie, but many attorneys because of ignorance on the subject are apprehensive opposing a certified forensic locksmith which is a bogus title to scare them off. It has worked well for denial for 2 decades, but now we are exposing it for what it is–fraud!

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Auto Theft Claim Denial Cases, SIU Investigation

Forensic locksmithing methodology determining the last key used in a reported stolen vehicle is a complete fraud! A scam used by insurance companies to warrant the investigation of the insured for insurance fraud. When the fact is the investigator relies on a fraud to accuse the insured of fraud! The courts are being defrauded for over a decade!…Continue readingAuto Theft Claim Denial Cases, SIU Investigation