Dr. Anthony Faucie and the Certified Forensic Locksmith Common Features

My name is Rob Painter and my phone number is 866-490-1673 or my cell is 903-513-7808. My email is robo14@aol.com. I advocate for insureds. I am better than a lawyer when it comes to claims investigation cuz I got 30 years in it. You will find a lawyer is impotent in these claims investigations. They can’t help you. They can’t protect you. I can because that’s what I do. if your schedule for an examination on their house I am the only person that you need to talk to. Many of my clients hired an attorney first and fired them and hired me for successful results I’m getting their claim paid!

Today I found and article that describes exactly what I go through in my profession. I oppose forensic locksmiths that accuse the insured of having the last key used in a stolen vehicle. Thereby presenting misrepresentation in a claim and giving an investigator the reason to investigate. Next I will put that article in about Dr Faucie. It’s the same exact crap we’re a jury who does not understand will listen to me so called experts and hold them in high regard when they shouldn’t be.


The reason that I used this video to explain my situation is that I live in exactly the same world. Here you have a self-proclaned expert that shoots his mouth off about every subject in the world and it’s all b*******and because people don’t look past the so-called credentials he got 30 years ago he is the expert.

When I oppose these certified forensic locksmiths who can’t even get their certification renewed by the international association of investigative locksmiths because they went out of business over 5 years ago. My understanding is they got bought out by the associated locksmiths of America. And what is the locksmith know about forensics or stolen cars? Nothing but it sounds good in court. These guys bloviate just like Dr faucie does and the reason I think this article is important is that it puts these clowns I oppose into context.

You can ask the certified forensic locksmith anything about the claim that he investigated and he’ll give you an answer. It won’t be the right answer but no one knows this because they are the experts. It takes people like me to shine the truth in the courtroom. It’s kind of funny the insurance defense attorney feels so confident with their expert because that’s what the case is built on and I totally destroy their expert!

Being that I’ve been a court-appointed expert in forensics for 25 years I don’t have to have a medical background to prove Dr Faucie and the CDC are lying to us. One instance is the social distancing of 6 ft or 2 m as placed on the CDC site last April. They changed it to two arm lengths for distancing. Of course it didn’t define what arms. A baby’s arms a teenagers arms an adults arms? My question was why 6 ft and 2 m. That’s two different distances. One is 72 in the other is 78 in. Get there since 6 ft. And it’s changed once again now it’s three feet for social distancing. where did these numbers come from scientifically? Out of their butt. The same holds true for the certified forensic locksmith when it tells you the last key used was a key of the proper type. A. general statement made to appear to be specific.

The reason the insurance investigators use a certified forensic locksmith to determine if the car was stolen or not it’s for the purpose to investigate the insured. No longer unbiased investing here goes to prove the insured was involved with the theft so they don’t have to pay the claim. It’s a racket. The problem here is because the courts have accepted these clowns as experts jury believes them. This video describes exactly what I deal with when I’m opposing these goofs in court.

I even have one right now which was a claim denial based on a certified forensic locksmith findings that because there was no shroud damage which got nothing to do with theft the vehicle wasn’t stolen according to them. Now their job is a certified forensic locksmith is to examine the ignition lock and keys and yet they did none of that and yet the insurance company when confronted to say to ignore plain simple facts. I don’t know if these investigators are that ignorant or if they’re just complicit. At any rate if you watch his video which is very interesting you will see the point that I’m trying to get across.