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Examination Under Oath Services

Insurance Claim Representation

Examination Under Oath and Deposition Forensic Consulting! All Property Claims!

Attorneys often also their services in this area, but the truth of the matter is they are really not equipped with the type of experience required and commonly clients fire them and hire me for results. I can handle any type of property claim, but my specialty is auto theft.

Need to have someone Investigate and negotiate your claim for the most money? Well as a Texas Licensed And Bonded All Lines Public Adjuster I can do that also! Texas reciprocates with 30 other states!

All Property Claims! 1-866-490-1673  robo14@aol.com.



What do I offer? A different perspective which is more relevant. About 30 years working with insurance fraud investigators. 25 years in the court system as an expert witness giving hundreds of hours of sworn testimony!

If my client is going through an examination under oath, they can take a break at any time and call my dedicated phone for us to come up with the right answer for a hard question. This rarely happens though because I prepared my client so well the night before.

Can an attorney defend you in an insurance claim investigation? No! There is a caveat of course. If the insured knows they are submitting a fraudulent claim about to be caught. In such  a case I would recommend getting the best criminal defense attorney you can find. Interestingly I can tell you retainer costs for a felony insurance fraud case in Los Angeles. The rates vary greatly as do the services. $10K or a public defender will get you the same services. A plea deal! $50k plus expenses for experts get a full blown trial where if guilty the client could possibly walk.

Other than that, the attorney can not defend you in an investigation or an examination under oath. At an examination under oath the attorney can object to the question, but the insured has to answer.

You will find websites that brag about all the cases they have been involved in. Who cares! Unless you were the target you have no clue! For 25 years I was a vert high profile expert witness nation wide. My clients were insureds and criminal defendants. Insurance defense firms don’t like an expert that dares oppose them and their experts. What their experts say is supposed to be the final word whether they can prove it or not. These defense firms did things to me you can’t imagine! Anything to destroy me and put me out of business. They lost! I won! I am a fighter and am always ahead of the investigator and attorney/ I know the imaginary case they are putting together before they do it! I am also a US Army Veteran with 30+ years of investigation skills! In reality, its hard to compare me to anyone else. I have the experience and foresight to protect my clients!

During an investigation it is one sided and there is no medium for defense. That is why the insured cannot intimidate the investigator by hiring one. In fact, commonly they will recommend the insured retain an attorney. All this does is prolong the claims investigation and does not benefit the insured.

I guide my client through the investigation. No surprises. In fact the client will even know the setting ahead of time..

What if they say the car was last driven by me and I had nothing to do with the theft?

Depending on the situation, I may have to switch hats from being your examination under oath expert to an expert on auto theft and forensics and draft a report. Can an attorney do this? No!

Yeah, but my attorney can talk directly to the investigator about my claim. So can I, if retained under power of attorney that only relates to the claim if the situation is required. That gives me the power to discuss the claim with the investigator if needed, The difference between me and an attorney, I get right back to my client! Many attorneys hate it because I have their powers without a bar card!

Some attorneys are looking at the long game. They hit the insured an hourly rate and don’t care as to how you have faired in the investigation and want to litigate the claim in the future by suing the insurance company once the claim is denied. I word rather nip it in the bud because there is no guarantee that you will prevail after years of agony. I have been very successful with my preparation in which the claim was almost certainly going to be denied and we got a t paid!

Well, if the claim gets settled as a reminder from above, my attorney can investigate and negotiate the the claim to get me the best dollar for my claim. Well, I have that covered too! I am Texas licensed and bonded all lines public adjuster which is reciprocal with 30 other states and I will list those states on another page. Operating under that specialty would require a separate retainer agreement.

So, I am not telling anyone not to use an attorney, and I recommend you call one  or two to compare what I can do for you Then contact me. In the investigation stage, there is nothing an attorney can do that i can’t!

I am qualified in all lines of property insurance. It can be a home owners claim, boat claim. Any type of property claim.1-866-490-1673  robo14@aol.com.

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