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This is just a sample of letters received over the last 18 years serving as an expert witness for attorneys. There are obviously more.




Rob was involved as an expert witness for the defense of this very high profile case.




When a judge from another state ordered Rob into his court, this is the response he received from the San Francisco PD.




This years very telling references written in their own words. Rob has many more when he represented insured’s under Power of attorney.


I was the unfortunate victim of an auto theft in September of 2013. After filing the police report and contacting my insurance company, I thought that my claim would go smoothly. That was not the case at all. After providing all my phone and financial records to my insurance company I felt like I was being targeted as a suspect. So I looked up a few things on the Internet and found Mr. Painter’s Web page. I read the information and everything on his site was exactly what I was going through. I remember it being a Sunday evening and I called his number expecting to leave a message on a machine.  But to my surprise he answered the phone and was more than happy to listen to my situation. He expressed that he has been dealing with auto theft and recovery for years. He then went into detail saying that I could expect a investigation and a “forensic specialist” report of my vehicle. Everything that Mr. Painter said would happen DID! I was requested to do an interview with a special investigator and he fully prepared me for the interview. He knew exactly what questions they would pose and was able to give me a sense of comfort in such a nerve wrecking situation. From the very first conversation with Mr. Painter he was able to keep me informed and give me a sense of control in this horrible situation. In the end my claim was denied just as Mr. Painter said it would be from the beginning. After the denial I was extremely stressed and thought I would either be out the $15,000 that I owed on the car or it would tied up in court for a very long time. And I would still be paying on a car I no longer was able to drive. Yet again I was very luck to have Mr. Painter on my side to defend me. He sent a letter stating what we would do if they did not pay my claim. Well what do you think happened next? I received a call that a secondary review of my claim was conducted and that it would be paid! Without the help of Mr. Rob Painter I would have had no choice but to pay the rest of the loan or pay a lawyer and have my claim tied up in court over a long period of time. I am extremely grateful for the assistance that Mr. Painter provided me with. Anyone who finds themselves in the same situation would be nothing short of crazy to not seek his help. And anyone who wishes to speak with me directly about my experience can reach me at


My name is Jenny Almodovar, I live in the city of Paramount CA. On October of 2013 my truck got stolen and burned. I filed a police report and follow all the steps by the insurance company. I thought after sending all requested information from the insurance company such as phone bills, record  statements, and police interrogations it was going to be over and that they were going to pay for my stolen vehicle. It was a nightmare, the police and insurance company treated me like a criminal.   My partner  I had to go to the police station for an interrogation. I went to the police station and the police officer kept me there for 2 hours trying to make me confessed that I had something to do with the robbery. After the interrogation I came home very frustrated, desperated, and I really don’t have the words to describe how horrible I was feeling. I spoke to several attorneys and they told me they couldn’t help me, they could only check to see if I was charged with criminal charges. By been short on money I couldn’t accept their offer. I started to browse on the internet for 3 months, I couldn’t sleep, I was stressed and couldn’t find nobody to help me with my situation. I was paying a truck that did not even existed anymore. On December 29 I found Mr. Painter, I read his extensive experience but I was still undecided to give him a call. 3 days after I gave him a call and I was amazed! he took the time to talk to me I thought it was to good to be truth. I couldn’t believe Mr. Painter settled my case in less than a week 🙂 I really thought he was lying to me when he gave me the news. But when I receive the letter of settlement from the insurance company I cried, I cried of happiness, I called Mr. Painter to thank him and to let him know how grateful I was. Thanks for Mr. Painter I am able to breath again, I am not scared of opening my house door anymore thinking that the cops were coming for me. If you are in a situation similar like mine, please call Mr. Painter you wont regret it.
My cell phone number is 562 419 4085 and my email is I will be more than happy to tell you a little more about the experience with my guardian angel Mr. Rob Painter.