Rob Painter Story and Condensed CV

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Took the All Lines Public Adjuster licensing course and passed the exam June 9, 2020. On June 19, 2020 license application was submitted to The Texas Department of Insurance with the necessary documentation. On June 22, 2020 TDI contacted me to confirm they received my application. I should receive my license in a matter of weeks and license number will be listed here. Texas reciprocates with 30+ states, but California is not one of them. As soon as I get my Texas licence, I will be taking the California exam to be licensed there as well.

Opposing attorneys have made such a big deal on licensing and certifications, now I am going to shut them up!

In fact, many have no idea as to licensing I have had in the past and present and of course to attain a license ones background is checked and finger prints are also taken.

Here is a story before my background and expertise for you to realize what it means to be a used by attorneys and opposing experts that tried to put me out of business. If you are an insured going through a SIU investigation or an EUO and are concerned about the process and you should be, I am more qualified than most to guide you through the questioning.

I have given hundreds of hours of sworn testimony and have an inside view of what you will be asked and the correct way to respond to get your claim settled. I commonly surprise myself!

Years ago a disgruntled crybaby opposing expert stole my website by using a different suffix. His name is Robert Mangine and his wife Sharon Garfolo was listed as the webmaster. In my opinion a very unethical, unprofessional that put no contact info on with the site he took things out of context about me, and attacked my background with inaccurate statements. He was even nice enough to put my criminal background on this site for everyone to see. It was so insignificant that I literally forgot about it when asked about if I had ever been convicted of a crime in a 2009 deposition. I was smart enough to say I did not recollect and I hadn’t known about this stolen site at the time. The conviction was for disorderly conduct in 1985!

He attacked me on my military background in which I was discharged under honorable conditions. He stared he would attest to a case where a judge attacked my background in 2005 when all I had done in the case was write a report after viewing the subject vehicle and attend a deposition. I was never invited to the hearing to defend my background. Now how could he attest to anything other than lie when he had absolutely no involvement with the case? All his assertions in 2008, cost me a lot of business. He continued this nonsense all the way into a Virginia court Stafford county v Vaught. He and his client prosecutor paid dearly for this costly mistake!

i supplied an estimate for my services to defend Mr. Vaught. Robert Mangine was going to be a smart guy and gave the prosecutor a order to disqualify me from testifying in a Nevada State court signed by the judge addressing maybe 40 items for disqualification in Dane v Geico in 2012. Items like which were listed as fact by the judge, I had never qualified in forensics and many other areas and was not recognized as an expert. The problem is true facts dispute her imagined facts! At the time, had she bothered to check instead of looking like the paid off insurance friendly judge she was, would have been to look at Geicos national lists of vendors at the time, where Rob Painter was listed as an auto theft and forensic expert. Or check the internet for a trial transcript from exactly 60 days before I qualified as an expert in auto theft and forensics in a federal trial in New Mexico or the federal case in New Orleans 3 months before Johnson v State farm in which State farms motion to exclude me as an expert failed!

There was also another problem: depositions of experts are required to determine their training, background and experience and what they are going to testify to. The easiest way to determine this was a total set up by the judge and Geicos unprofessional, Unethical defense attorney came through on the day of deposition. The opposing attorney asked me if I was aware that the judge disqualified me before the deposition? My first thought was what am I even doing here?

Mr. Mangine gave the disqualification papers to the Virginia prosecutor. When my estimate was submitted to the judge, from what my attorney told me was he was angry, almost crazy screaming at the judge that he would have me arrested on the witness stand for fraud. Can you say witness intimidation?

I did a tremendous amount of work on the case and prepared a report. It wasn’t a normal report though. I included about 10 of Mangine’s cookie cutter previous reports for comparison to the report of the subject vehicle, leaving him in a precarious situation and a question. What time were you lying? Now or then? In my view it was an awesome defense!

Two weeks before trial, the DA intended to send me a subpoena, but my attorney was very sharp and the DA was stupid or lazy. He never got around to serving me, but my attorney just changed my name and addressed to Robert Mangine and his employee Christopher Arnold and had them served! Sept 6, 2017 was the day of the hearing. I was waiting most the morning out side the court room to testify. Finally, I was told to go back to my room and I would be called in the afternoon. I got back about 3 on to find Mangine and Arnold were disqualified for failing to answer the subpoena! That means their evidence, their report and proposed testimony all thrown out! Now, I found that comical and ironic. Here they were going to use a 5 year old disqualification from a case I was not allowed to appear in a hearing that I was never invited to. Yet these clowns appeared at the hearing and had no good reason f ok or refusing to answer the subpoena.

I was up on the stand being attacked by the DA hitting with so called facts about my exclusion and I kept saying no matter what the paper he was reading stared as fact, was simply not true. He was very seriously getting very upset, but he may have been upset his whole life because in my opinion looked like a little elf with a beard!

Finally, the judge broke in. She asked me if I ever attended the hearing to defend my background? I told her no. The DA said he had a signed disqualification of me by a judge in Las Vegas. She asked if it was a certified copy? His answer was no! That was the end of my Nevada disqualification!

I was careful not to let the jury see what I was doing when excused from the stand. As I passed the DA, I made sure he realized that I was mocking him with my hands behind my back like I was cuffed, I winked and blew him a kiss! I have made opposing attorneys very angry before, but this guy’s face was beet red!

I was working for a Virginia insured in 2019 in which she was being accused by Geico of being involved in the theft and fire of her truck. I write a report on the truck stating 6 different ways it could have been stolen, but none of those there’s could be determined because of the fire. Since it was Geico there was a good chance their forensic team was Mangine and company. I made sure to note the disqualification of Robert Mangine who would not have told them about the disqualification. The claim was settled in two business days after the EUO!

Here is how it is: If serving insurance carriers I am a highly qualified expert and am a good guy. When serving the insured, I am evil and must be put out of business and they have tried everything including stealing 12 months of mine and my ex-wife’s life with a bogus federal investigation. Never a charge or indictment, just an investigation, which I shut down in a 10 minute deposition.

Mangine and his associates and insurance defense firms would never attacked me the way they did if not for all out fear of my knowledge and real background. Many insurance defense teams had no problem illegally lying to a judge abut me in the attempt to get me disqualified over the years.

My reputation is such based on my honesty and unbiased approach, I was even court appointed in Cook County, Il and Dallas Texas as an umpire.

I will work for anyone to provide the truth. Unfortunately, in the auto theft area however, one is not allowed to work for insureds if they want to work for insurance companies. I have been blackballed from Progressive, State Farm, Allstate for 20 years in the auto theft field. Where the use of forensics is not employed, yet the experts falsely claim to be forensic locksmiths and have played the courts for suckers fort decades.

Here are my present and past licenses:

Concealed weapons License Florida (since 1992)

Licence To Carry- Texas since (2016)

Wisconsin Real Estate Broker License (1994-2000)

Federal Firearms License (Gun dealer 1988-1993)

35 years insurance claims handling included with stated experience.

Consultant/Expert in these areas:
Vehicle Fire & Explosion
Vehicle Defect Analysis
Lemon Law Issues
Accident Reconstruction
Vehicle and Structure Security
Vehicle Component Failure Analysis
Firearms and Personal Protection
SIU Investigation Consultant/Expert
EUO Preparation Consultant/Expert
Formerly certified as a CFEI (Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator, CVFI (Certified Vehicle Fire Investigator), ASE Certified Auto Technician in Collision, Electrical and Med/Hvy Duty Truck, Certified Forensic Locksmith.

Oct 2018-March 2019 worked for an auto repossession company

I have also been involved with recalled and potential recalled vehicles, with sudden accelleration, vehicle fires and NHTSA had a file under my name for a collection of underhood fires that I had determined.

Qualified to testify as an expert for the Defense in a USAF Court Martial in the areas of Origin and Cause of Vehicle Fires, Transponder System Operation, Ignition Locks, Steering Columns, Auto Theft, and Vehicle Burn Debris Analysis. January 13, 2017, I testified for my second USAF court martial for the defense.

Court Cases: In the three cases in which I testified from October 1, 2014 to March 18, 2015 from AZ to MA to OH my side prevailed, which has been a common occurrence over my career. What made the last case interesting was after I testified, and was ready to head home, I ran across the opposing attorney that said only one thing. “You kicked our ass!” What an experience!
My complete court case record, where I was either deposed or gave trial testimony or both is listed in this CV. It does not take into consideration of setttlements.
9/2014—Appointed by Dallas court to serve as “Umpire” in auto theft case settlement.
4/2014 Retained by the Maryland Attorney General’s office on a consumer fraud case.
December—2006 Appointed “Special Instructor” for the Darien, WI Fire Department
August—2006 Illinois Court (Cook County) appointed Umpire (Mediator)
Insurance Services

20+ years working with and training with Special Investigation Units. Hundreds of hours of sworn testimony. Has trained investigators on property claims investigations.
April-2006 Worked with Brad Stone of Newsweek from San Francisco on a story, which was published in 5-2006 about insurance fraud related to reported stolen vehicles and the so-called factory installed “Anti-Theft Systems known in the Wired Magazine as “Pinch my Ride.”

July-2004 Lead Forensic Examiner for San Francisco PD in a homicide investigation involving a reported stolen and recovered burned vehicle.
September-2004 Contacted by the TV show “Forensic Files” for a potential story to be aired.
Robert Painter is also cited in West Law in the case Sailsbury/Davis VS. State Farm as well as other cases. There are approximately 20 cases that I have been involved with that have been published by legal sources. Many are also on the Internet.
Formed the non profit Forensic Institute on Auto Theft Analysis. Both organizations are
to set the standards in forensics as it relates to reported stolen vehicles and to provide
Training to examiners, fire service and law enforcement.
Founded the “International Association of Forensic Auto Theft Examiners.” Its purpose is to set the standards in the field of determining the last operation of a reported stolen vehicle.

• 1986 opened Auto Recovery Specialists Inc., providing exclusive repair of theft recovered and vandalized vehicles. The initial concept of the business was to return vehicles to their original shape before the theft, vandalism or fire. In 1987 bought the rights to the theft deterrent known as the “Chicago Collar”Ò.Duties include complete component replacement: dash, stereo system, interior,
locks and coding, rebuilding steering columns, repairing and installing vehicle security system components (factory and after market), engine components, body repair, glass replacement, repair and service of air conditioning components, brake and suspension repair, and replacement, wiring harnesses etc. to return vehicle to pre-theft condition.
• For 17 years directly involved in the repair of thousands of theft-recovered and fire damaged vehicles.
• Personally examined and rebuilt thousands of steering columns on both import and domestic vehicles
• Has never held himself out as a locksmith to the public, however during his tenure at Auto Recovery, cut thousands of keys and repined ignition, trunk and door locks and in fact was a locksmith for the company as well as everyone else working at Auto Recovery Specialiss Inc.
• Factory
• Internationally acknowledged as expert in auto theft including court, consulting with insurance companies, attorneys and law enforcement.
• Consultant on steering columns, locks, stereo systems and vehicle security for Special Investigation Units for many large insurance carriers during the past 10 years. Consulting services include but not limited to: How a vehicle was last operated (with or without keys in burned or unburned vehicles), Origin and Cause of vehicle fires, and vehicle defects. Has examined thousands of reported stolen vehicles in order to determine how they were last driven.
• Unlike mere locksmiths that serve as experts in how a reported stolen vehicle was last driven, Rob looks at these issues as a professional thief, considering the electronics he is trained in, and as someone that knows how to actually defeat just about any factory installed theft deterrent.
• Provides services as a consultant and researcher to attorneys and insurance companies, and public throughout the US in cases related to vehicles.
• Has worked with crime prevention officers throughout the US establishing training programs designed to protect the public from becoming victims of auto theft.

Insurance Claims Experience
20 years in insurance claims handling. With Auto Recovery, we were direct pay and handled the claim in its entirety, Wrote estimates, figured for betterment and diminished value, determined if vehicle was total loss. Handled everything related to the claim except for writing a check to the insured.
Rob Painter & Associates Inc, trained SIUs on auto theft and what indicators to be watched for in a questionable claim as to last operation. Attended seminars on insurance fraud, body language, investigation, interviewing procedures.
Trained in insurance fraud indicators .
Familiar with ISO Database.
Assisted in-house attorneys on the merits of claims as to pay or deny the claim.
Has reviewed over 100,000 pages of insurance activity notes, depositions, EUOs, affidavits.
Authors questions for insureds for the insurance carriers to be asked of the insured when giving recorded statements on the events surrounding the theft of their vehicles and for EUOs.
Authors questions for client attorneys for direct examinations in court in the proper court format as well as authors the questions for opposing experts as to accepted methodology. Authors questions for insurance SIU personnel as it relates to standard investigation methodology for depositions.
Has participated with client attorneys in hundreds of bad faith cases when the insured was denied coverage.
Has served as an instructor to insurance companies on the subjects of Forensic origin and cause examination of vehicle fires, auto theft and vehicle forensics. Although Rob’s certifications call him a fire investigator, Rob has never been a fire investigator. He performs the scientific method in order to perform a forensic fire analysis.
Currently serves as an Insurance SIU Investigation Consultant for insureds during the investigation, Prepares them for EUOs. Does not offer legal advice, but guides insureds as to his very extensive experience in these matters. Has 17 years experience with these in this area.
Commonly works under a POA (Power of Attorney) representing insureds investigated or denied on their auto theft claims.
Serves as a consultant to Insurance Defense attorneys, Plaintiff attorneys, Criminal Defense attorneys, Prosecutors, SIU personnel as it relates to issues involving auto theft claims.
25 years experience in the forensic examinations of reported stolen vehicles to determine the last operation of the vehicle.

• PATENT: 3/21/00 issued patent# 6,039,140 for 8 different variations of airbag anti-theft devices.
Currently author’s articles and test reports on an ongoing basis for insurance SIUs and the forensic/vehicle fire/theft industry.
Found at:
Published author: (4) linkedin Pulse articles 9/2014
• Petty Theft 2014 version.
• Insurance Fraud-Auto Theft
• For Those that Deny and Defy the Truth
• The Lies We Were Told About Vehicle Anti-Theft Systems
Published author:
• Forensic Auto Theft Examination Hypotheses-John Cooke Fraud Report- May 2013
• Published author: Anti-Theft v. Theft Deterrents– Insurance Industry Publication (January, 2006).
• Published author: The Truth about GM PASSLOCK-III revision (Hypotheses to be considered before rendering a conclusion) (Spring, 2005 IASIU—Insurance Industry Publication)
• Published author: (1,350 slide training course) Auto Theft/ Fraud Training Course) “The Modern Forensic Approach to Auto Theft Investigation.” (January, 2001)
• Published author: “Absolute Statements Made By Experts” (Insurance publication-Sept. 2003)
• Published author: “Locksmiths as Experts Reporting On Stolen Vehicles” (Insurance Publication-August 2003)
• Published author: “Uncovering The Truth in Burned Reported Thefts” (Insurance publication-August 2002)
• Published author: “Problems and Solutions in Vehicle Theft Determination” (Insurance publication December 2002)
• Published author: Master Keys”( Insurance publication- February-2003)
• Published author: “Variables to Be Considered In Vehicle Fire Investigation after Suppression.” (Insurance publication-November 2001)
• Published author: “Ford Magnesium Steering Columns and the Results to Ignition Components after a Fire”. Article for peer review from the fire and forensic community. (November 2001)
• Published author: “The Truth About GM VATS.” (Article) (November 2001)
• Published author: “The Truth About GM PASSLOCK TM” (Article) (November 2001)
• Published author:” Auto Theft Investigation: Hollywood vs. Reality” (Article) (February 2001) For the John Cooke Fraud Report.
• Published author: (Manual) “Forensic Vehicle Fire/ Arson and Auto Theft Investigation” (October 2000)
• Published author: (Article) “Petty Claims” for the John Cooke Fraud Report (October, 1998)
• Published author (Manual) “AUTO THEFT: LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN!” (1998) (Previously distributed by Barnes & Nobel)
• Co-authored the investigation manual, “Surreptitious Entry & Auto Theft & Burn & the Investigator.” (1999)
• Authored test questions on the subject of steering columns and vehicle security for CFL (Certified Forensic Locksmith) designation to be given by the International Association of Investigative Locksmiths. January, 2000
• Published author: (Manual) “Saginaw Steering Columns-What Has Not Been Told” Training manual for fire investigators. (March 2000)
• Published (Article) “Beyond The Lock” (May 2000)
• Published Author: (Article) Fraud Defense Network-August, 2000 Edition-“Melting Steering Column Tests.”
• Published author: (Test Report) “Burned Toyota Steering Column Testing to Determine How Last Operated”. Tool marks and procedures. (December 1999) Currently at the FBI Crime Lab in Washington DC and the US Army Crime Lab in Atlanta, GA for peer review.
• Many more articles!!!!!
• Defeated the “unstealable” Ford Securilock transponder system for a court case 10/10/00. They said it could not be done!
• Primary designer of a state of the art “bait” car for a police department to catch car thieves.
• Worked with The National Highway Safety Transportation Administration and
discovered a potential fire hazard on a vehicle and determined origin and cause of under hood fires on this type of vehicle.
• Featured as “Auto Theft Expert” in the A & E auto theft documentary “Stealing Wheels” that aired July 26, 2000.
• Contacted by Sears and Edelman Marketing to be a national spokesman for an anti theft device for vehicles. (November 1999)
• Invited to provide evaluation and consulting to steering column engineers at Daimler Chrysler Corporation in Auburn Hills, MI (10/99). The purpose of this project was to demonstrate how steering column locking mechanisms could be defeated without the use of a key and how to reinforce the columns against theft.
• Court Qualified as an Auto Theft Expert and my videos of defeating columns were also accepted by a Cleveland, Ohio Court in October 1999 as a valid piece of evidence.
• Contacted by Disney Touchstone Pictures for technical assistance in making the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds” (March 1999)

• Former contributor for The Insurance News Network (Auto theft and prevention) includes heading a forum for the public on how to protect their vehicles for 3+ years.
• Former editor and consultant for the public on matters involving auto theft and prevention 2000-2001 on the web at
• The Insurance Career Center (Auto theft and fraud).
• National Association of Investigative Specialists (Auto theft and fraud)
• Expert Find (Auto theft and fraud}

• ASE (National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence) Formerly certified in Auto: brakes, steering and suspension, engine repair, manual drive train and axles, air conditioning. Med/Heavy duty truck: gasoline engine repair, electrical/electronic components. Collision: electric/electronic components. At Auto Recovery Specialists, never served as a general mechanic as opposing counsel likes to state. This business dealt exclusively in the repair of theft recovered vehicles and nothing else!
• SCRS (Society of Collision Repair Specialists) certified in airbags.
• ICAR (Inter-Industry Conference of Auto Collision Repair) trained.
• American College of Forensic Examiners-Tested and given certificate as Diplomate Board Certified Forensic Examiner. Unlike opposing counsels like to espouse, this certificate does not mean I went to college.
• Racine, WI Vocational School
• Moraine Park Technical School
• Milwaukee Area Technical School
• General Motors Factory School
• AC Delco School
• Harnischfeger Corporation
• Unlike
• 1974-1986 Auto technician and management for Oldsmobile dealerships full
time or part time, on and off for those years.
• 1976-1984-Harnishfeger Corp. (Mining Manufacturer) Expeditor, Assembly, Machinist, heat treat and non-destructive testing: Ultra Sonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing.

• WSATTI (Western States Auto Theft Investigators)-Vehicle Tracking Laguna Hills, CA (Jan 2004)
• NAFI (National Association of Fire Investigators)-Vehicle Fires-Eastern Kentucky University- (Sept and Oct 2002)
• IAIL (International Association Of Investigative Locksmiths) Atlantic City, New Jersey (June 2002)
• IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators) (5 day seminar) Milwaukee, WI (May 2002)
• NCRC/ IAATI (International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) Auto Theft Seminar (4 days)- Indianapolis, IN (May 2002)
• National Association of Professional Insurance Investigators. (November 2001)-Cincinnati, Ohio
• Electrical Fire Investigation- Public Agency Training Council- Brown Deer, WI (August 2000)
• Insurance Fraud Seminar –SCIFI- Columbia SC (November 1999)
• Forensic Locksmithing-ALOA- Cincinnati (July 1999)
• Bomb and Explosion Seminar -Public Agency Training Council-Racine, WI PD (April 1999)
• Arson Seminar Public Agency Training Council- Racine, WI PD- (April 1999)
• Fire Investigation Training Seminar -Myrtle Beach S.C. (October 1998)
• Public Agency Training Council-Electrical Fire Investigation (August 1998)
• AVCAW Vehicle Fire Seminar-also taught Plover WI. (May 1997)
• Vehicle fire training seminar-Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (October 1997)
• AVCAW fraud seminar-also spoke Wisconsin Dells, WI (November1997)

Speaker for Horace Mann SIU- Auto Theft Methodology- Irvine, TX
(May 8, 2014)

• Speaker for TIIAA Vehicle forensics, transponders, auto theft-Dallas, TX (November, 2012)

• Instructor for fire investigators on the methods used on how to determine Origin and Cause of Vehicle Fires. (Parker, Colorado February, 2007)

• Instructor on depositions and court testimony as well as protocol to fire fighters. (Darien, WI Fire Department January, 2007)

• Speaker for Safeco Insurance —Vehicle Forensics-Vehicle Fires—-Indianapolis, IN (May, 2006)

• Speaker for MetLife —Vehicle Forensics-Vehicle Fires—-Freemont, IL (Feb 2006)

• Speaker for Harleysville Insurance—Vehicle Forensics—Edina, MN (July, 2005)

• Speaker for Safeway Insurance—Vehicle Forensics—Chicago, IL (June, 2005)

• Instructor—Litigation Support-Gieco Attorneys– Speaker for Country Insurance—Las Vegas, NV (May, 2005)

• Speaker for Las Vegas, PD—Vehicle Forensics—Las Vegas, NV (May, 2005)

• Speaker for Met Life Insurance—Vehicle Forensics—Las Vegas, NV (May, 2005)

• Speaker for Country Insurance—Vehicle Forensics—Las Vegas, NV (May, 2005)

• Speaker for Liberty Mutual Insurance- Vehicle Forensics as it relates to theft-Naperville, IL (March, 2005)

• Speaker for Liberty Mutual Insurance- Vehicle Forensics as it relates to theft-Indianapolis, IN (February, 2005)

• Speaker for Safeco Insurance- Vehicle Forensics as it relates to theft-Indianapolis, IN (February, 2005)

• Speaker for Apollo Insurance- Vehicle Forensics as it relates to theft –Des Plaines, IL (January 2005)

• Speaker for Bristol West Insurance Company-Auto theft/ Fire and Transponders –Anaheim, CA- (May 2004)

• Speaker for the International Association of Special Investigation Units (IASIU) Vehicle Theft/ Fire-Pomona, CA (April 2004)

• Speaker for Geico Insurance Company- Vehicle Theft/ Fire-San Diego, CA- (April 2004)

• Speaker for Geico Insurance Company- Vehicle Theft/ Fire-Las Vegas-NV- (February 2004)

• Speaker for Indiana Farm Bureau—Anti -Theft/ Plaintiff Attorney Arguments (Sept. 2003 Monticello, Indiana)

• Speaker For Regional MetLife Conference – Electronic Theft Deterrents and Plaintiff Arguments (July 2003 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

• Speaker On Auto Theft And Forensics for MetLife in Naperville, Illinois (March 2003)

• Interviewed as an “Auto Theft Expert” for WBZ Television in
Boston, MA (February 24, 2003)

• Forensic Steering Column Analysis. Pacific Locksmith Association-Seaside, OR- (December 2002)

• Auto Theft Methods/ Locks and Columns—American Ambassador-Itasca, IL (April 2002)

• Forensic Report Writing Seminar- Illinois Chapter of Special Investigation Units- (January 2002-Schaumberg, IL)

• Auto Theft and Fraud Seminar- American Express Insurance Company- (June, 2001-Greenbay, WI)

• Auto Theft and Fraud Seminar- (May 2001-NCRC- Iowa)

• Auto Theft/Fraud/Vehicle Fires. San Antonio, TX (November, 2000) This seminar was for continuing DOJ Education.
· ATLA- (Trial Lawyers) Steering columns and locks. Indianapolis, IN (June, 2000)

• IAAI (International Association of Arson Investigators-Florida Chapter) Advanced Vehicle Fire and lock investigations. Tallahassee FL. (June, 2000)

• IAIL (International Association of Investigative Locksmiths) Steering columns and locks. Egg Harbor, NJ (May 2000)

• SCLA (South Carolina Locksmiths Association) Steering columns and locks. Columbia, SC (April 2000)

• Baltimore County Regional Auto Theft Team Subject: Auto theft Baltimore, MD (March, 2000)

• Speaker for Daimler Chrysler Corporation Topic: How to increase security in their vehicles. (October 1999}
· Guest speaker at two seminars for AVCAW (Anti-Vehicle Crime Association of Wisconsin) composed of law enforcement and insurance personnel. Topic: “What to look for in auto theft” (October 1995).
• Speaker for IAATI (International Association of Auto Theft Investigators) for 300 law enforcement and insurance personnel on steering columns and locks. (May 1996)
• Speaker for State Farm field damage appraisers on how to detect fraud in an auto theft claim. (July 1996)
• Speaker for the Sentry Insurance claims office in Stevens Point, WI to train adjusters on what to look for in a fraud claim. (Sept. 1996)

Court Cases:
Stropki VS Progressive 11/1999
Ohio State Court-Cleveland, OH
Stropki-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire

Holiday VS Progressive
Oregon State Court-April 2002
Holiday-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire

State of California VS Youngbloode
Los Angeles Criminal Court-11/2002
Youngblood Client– Vehicle theft/ fire

State of New Jersey VS Dente Towing
Newark Criminal Court-5/2003
Dente Towing Client— Vehicle theft

Burnett VS American Ambassador
Dupage County, IL Civil Court 4/2003
Client: American Ambassador Insurance Company– Vehicle theft/ fire

State of New York VS Moray
Westchester County Criminal Court-8/2003
Moray-Client— Vehicle theft

Greines VS Ford Motor Company
Los Angeles Circuit Court-1/2004
Greines-Client— Vehicle theft/transponder

O’Connell VS Arbella Insurance Company
Quincy, MA Circuit Court-4/2004
O’Connell-Client– Vehicle theft

Truchinski VS MetLife
Joliet, IL June 2004
Client: MetLife– Vehicle theft/ fire

Kettina VS State Farm
Chicago, IL May, 2005
Cook County Court
Client: Kettina– Vehicle theft/ fire

Mannian VS CSAA
Superior Court Of California-Fresno, CA June, 2005
Fresno County Court
Client: Mannian– Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

USAF V. Jackson
Edwards AFB-California (July, 2005)
Client-Jackson– Vehicle theft/ fire

State of California (Kern County) VS Yates
Bakersfield, CA (July 2005)
Kern County Court
Yates: Client– Vehicle theft

Sidu VS Farmers
Superior Court of California-Fresno County Court (April 2006)
Client Sidhu— Vehicle theft

Superior Court of California–Santa Clara County (August, 2006)
State VS Diaz
Diaz-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

Federal Court- San Francisco, CA (October, 2006)
Stecz V State Farm
Client: Stecz– Vehicle theft

McCoy VS Progressive Insurance
Superior Court of California (March 2007) Los Angeles, CA
Client: McCoy– Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

Jackson VS MetLife
Arapahoe County, CO 3/2008
Client: MetLife—Vehicle theft/transponder

Issa VS Allstate Insurance
Wayne County, MI 4/2008
Client: Issa—Vehicle theft/transponder

Santos VS Skylands Insurance
Newark, NJ 6/2008
Client: Santos—Vehicle Theft/Transponder

Rosel v. Allstate
Miami, FL 5/2009
Client: Rosel—Vehicle Theft/Transponder/Fire

Pershad v. Unitrin
Miami, FL 5/2009
Client: Pershad—Vehicle Theft/VATS

People v. James
Trial in Carow, MI
Client: James-Vehicle theft/ignition/transponder/fire


Todd v. Coast Insurance Company
San Bernardino County, California
Client: Todd Theft/anti theft GM Passlock


Arble v. State Farm
Albuquerque Federal Court
Client: Arble—Consultant turned expert to opine on State Farm’s Expert competency as to methodology on reported stolen recovered burned Chrysler as to last driven.


People v Cox
Tucson AZ Superior court-Ford PATS-Unrecovered F 150
Client: Cox


People v Rogers
New Bedford, MA Superior court -GM PK III-Burned 2008 Equinox
Client: Rogers

Bailey v Grange Insurance Co.-Burned 2008 Enclave
Franklin County of Common Pleas
Columbus, OH
Client: Bailey

Maumee Valley Credit Union v Nunn
Lucas County Court of Common Pleas
Toledo, Ohio
Client: Nunn

USAF v Otanez
Fairchild AFB Washington State
Tele-testimony from Texas

Stafford County VA v Vaught
Stafford, VA
Client Vaught

Heady VS State Farm
Louisville Kentucky Federal Court-4/1999
Heady-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire/VATS

Stropki VS Progressive
Ohio State Court-5/1999
Stropki-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire

Thompson VS State Farm
Louisville Kentucky Federal Court-3/2000
Thompson-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire

Baron VS Warrior Insurance Company
Illinois State Court-3/2002
Baron-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire

Mediation Hearing-Truchinski VS MetLife
Illinois State Court-5/2003
MetLife-Client- Vehicle theft/ fire

Greines VS Ford Motor Company
California State Court-1/2004
Greines-Client– Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

O’Connell VS Arbella Insurance Company
Quincy, MA Circuit Court-3/2004
O’Connell-Client- Vehicle theft

Hampton VS State Farm Insurance Company
Kansas City, MO-5/2004
Client: Hampton– Vehicle theft/ fire

Kourosh Sajjadi VS Permanent General Insurance Company
Santa Ana, CA- May 2004
Client: Kourosh Sajjadi – Vehicle theft/transponder

Guiertiez VS CSAA
Fresno, CA June 2004
Client: Guiertiez-Vehicle theft/fire
Guiertiez VS CSAA
Fresno, CA July 2004
Client: Guiertiez
Guiertiez VS CSAA
Fresno, CA August 2004
Client: Guiertiez
Sailsbury/ Davis VS State Farm
Hammond, IN December, 2004
Client: Sailsbury/Davis—Vehicle theft/ fire

State of Iowa VS Turner
Deposition taken over phone when I was in Los Angeles
January, 2005
Client: State of Iowa– Vehicle theft/ fire

Kettina VS State Farm
Chicago, IL April, 2005
Client: Kettina– Vehicle theft/ fire

Mannian VS CSAA
Fresno, CA April, 2005
Client: Mannian– Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

Sidu VS Farmers
Fresno, CA June, 2005
Client: Sihdu— Vehicle theft

Salizar VS Farmers Insurance
Fresno, CA July, 2005
Client: Salizar– Vehicle theft

Ledin VS Mercury Insurance
Tampa, FL August, 2005
Client-Ledin– Vehicle theft/transponder

Turner VS.Sterling Insurance\
Irvine, CA November 2005
Client: Turner- Vehicle theft/ fire

Serenas V. Infinity Insurance
Irvine, CA June, 2006
Client: Serenas– Vehicle theft/ fire

McCoy V. Progressive
Los Angeles, CA November, 2006
Client: McCoy- Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

Nobels V. Ampac Insurance
State of Alabama
March, 2007 in Milwaukee, WI
Client: Nobels– Vehicle theft/transponder

Klajic V, State Farm
State of Indiana
May, 2007
Client: Klajajic– Vehicle theft/ fire/transponder

Issa VS Allstate Insurance
Wayne County MI (Held in Langlade County, WI via telephone)
April 2008
Client: Issa Vehicle theft/transponder

Rosel v. Allstate
Miami, FL 2/2009
Client: Rosel—Vehicle theft/transponder/fire

Nunn v. State Farm
Dallas, TX 8/2009
Client: Nunn Theft/transponder

Lawley v.Esurance
Denver case with deposition taken in Dallas, TX
Client: Lawley Vehicle theft/transponder

Daranyi v. Liberty Mutual
Atlanta case with deposition taken in Plano, TX
Client: Daranyi Vehicle theft/ignition/transponder/fire


Winters v American Ambassador
Chicago, IL case with deposition taken in Dallas,TX
Client: American Ambassador Insurance-Vehicle theft/ignition/transponder

Moore v American Ambassador
Chicago, IL case with deposition taken in Dallas, TX
Client: American Ambassador Insurance-Vehicle theft/ignition /VATS


Abrble v State Farm
Albuquerque, NM Case
Deposition held in Irving, TX
Client: Arble- Fire, theft, transponder

4/2/2012 Johnson v State Farm
Deposition held in Ft Worth, TX -New Orleans Federal case
Client: Johnson-Vehicle theft/transponder/fire

5/2012 Dane v Gieco
Deposition held in Greenville, TX
Las Vegas, Nevada
Client: Dane-Vehicle Theft/ Transponder

7/2012 Smith v Unitrin
Deposition held in Dallas, TX
Tampa Florida case
Client: Unitrin-Vehicle forensics, auto theft, transponder

11/2012 Gerke v Travelers/Valley Forge
Federal case-Portland, OR
Client: Gerke-Ignition, vehicle theft

11/2012 Morros v State Farm
Deposition held in Dallas, TX
Mississippi Federal case
Client: Morros-Vehicle theft, forensics, transponder

01/2015 Bailey v Grange Insurance
Deposition held in Greenville, TX
Ohio state case
Client: Bailey

2/27/2018 Murphy v Progressive
Deposition in Pearland, TX
Texas Case
Client: Murphy

Mediation Deposition:
Taylor VS American Ambassador
Chicago, IL September 2004
Client: American Ambassador—Vehicle theft/fire

Herrejon VS Progressive Insurance
Portland, OR September 2004
Client: Herrejon– Vehicle theft

Public Service Hearing:
County of Los Angeles VS Clarence Johns-5/2003
Johns-Client— Vehicle theft/ fire

29 certifications, accolades, and accomplishments of Rob Painter during his extensive career in vehicle theft, forensics, vehicle fire, transponders and other anti-theft systems, patent for 8 different methods of prevention of air bag theft, ASE automobile certifications in auto/medium hvy/duty truck. ASE is considered the gold standards for competence in automotive repair are available on request.
All of this combined with over 17 years of exclusively in the direct repair of over 10,000 theft recovered vehicles, as well as the claims handling makes Rob Painter’s background in ignition systems, transponder systems, vehicle fire and forensics very extensive as it would relate to any reported stolen vehicle.

Available on request are 9 Westlaw published cases in which Rob was the expert that are used as precedents for other cases.

Available on Request is the June, 2010 Federal Court qualification for Rob Painter being qualified as a forensic examiner with almost two decades of experience under Daubert in the Nunn v. State Farm case.