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Do I need an attorney?

I am going to explain the auto theft investigation process and as much as you feel the urge to retain an attorney during this process, it would be the biggest mistake in your life if you had no involvement with the theft claim!

Please note the stipulation if you had no involvement in the theft claim.

Insureds are under the misquided thought that if the investigator is giving them a difficult time, they will intimidate the investigator by retaining an attorney.

That thinking is flawed. The carrier deals with attorneys on a daily basis. They are no threat! Many times the investigator will tell the insured they should get an attorney at their expense. Don’t be fooled with this action. Why would you listen to an associate Investigator attempting to build a case against you?

If an attorney is representing you, you can no longer speak with the investigator on your own. You have changed your destiny in the claim turning it into a potential denial!

What can an attorney do for you under a claims investigation? Very little. They can advise you on the legal implications of each answer, but this is a civil investigation and not a legal hearing.

Q) Does the attorney know what types of questions will be asked of you?

A) No they don’t, where I know many of the questions and how to truthfully answer them. Insurance companies have a canned outline and insureds answers are generalized and how you answer makes all the difference in the world.

Q) Can an attorney draft an expert forensic report on the vehicle as to how it was last driven?

A) No! They have no such expertise!

Q) Does the attorney know the red flag answers in ago theft claims?

A) No! When we are advising clients we make them aware of questions the carrier is looking for specific answers and been correct for 10 years! Often asked “How did you know they were going to ask me that? It’s called experience from 35 years of interaction with social investigators! It is not mind reading. It is predictability!

What is a EUO (Examination Under Oath)?

You know that you are nearing the end of the investigation. This is one of the last event before the claim is denied or settled.

The e u o is meant for intimidation of the insured and to get more information for the investigator to twist around. The e u o is sworn testimony. What this means is that you will testify in front of a court reporter. Everything that you say has a full power of the law. Should I retain an attorney? No! Why wouldn’t I retain an attorney? Isn’t this a legal setting? Sometimes when you’re in a lawyer’s office you may seem that way. Over the past 5 years many euos don’t even require an attorney. Carriers like progressive Geico and others let their investigators ask you questions at the euo with no lawyers present.

Give me an example why an attorney wouldn’t help me in the euo. You can be asked a question and your attorney could object. Well that gives confidence to their client. The only problem is the insurance still has to answer the question so the objection mean nothing!

What I offer is information on how these questions should be answered, without being blindsided. My clients are extremely happy when they get out of the euo because they knew that they dodged a bullet!

By the way my client answers the investigator knows the insured was scripted but there’s nothing they can do about it. My clients answer the questions the way they did not expect and 95% of the time the claim is settled.

We have to look at the best interest here. The best interest in this case is my client. I don’t want that client to go through the years the court system with absolutely no guarantee they will prevail.

I would much rather see the case settled then have to defend it. I make a lot less money consulting insureds through these investigations and e u o s but I also save them a lot of hassle a lot of money and years of grief.

As for a lawyer’s involvement they may charge $500 an hour and I’ve seen charges of 5000 to $10,000 just to represent the insured in an investigation or an e u o that’s crazy money.

The lawyer doing it for less money and I’m not saying this is happening but might be more inclined for the claim to get denied and then fight it out in court. My purpose is just to nip it in the bud if I can.

I’ve been very successful doing it and then you don’t have to worry about that insurance investigation going on and all the problems that come with it.

I have many references that are very happy I’d be glad to give you. Consider calling me at 1 866 490 167 3. You can email me at robo14@aol.com. if you want to call me on my cell 1 903 513 7808 anytime.

Lawyers are required to sue denied claims and many are very good at it.

Thanks for reading.

Rob Painter

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